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The following galleries are available to help you find the pictures you are interested in on the photo preview and ordering site.

ICCEC International Convocation '08 (July 30–August 1)
Use this link to order prints of the pictures from the Convocation <click here>.

  The Portrait of the assembled Bishops is located in the
Special Pictures Gallery.

  New!  The proof size photos of the Convocation are ready for view and download.
  Click here. There are over 1150 pictures of the three days. To download a photo,
  click on the download icon while viewing a picture (see below).  You can see the
  size of the picture before you download it.

The Download Icon is used to download the currently displayed picture to
your computer. It is in the upper right hand corner on the row listing the
picture information. It will open the picture in your browser. Click File|Save As
to save the page (the current .jpg) to your computer.

  Great News! You can purchase a complete set of the Convocation photos in the
  same proof size, that matches the layout of the view/download site on a DVD for
  29.94 plus $5  shipping and handling. The transaction is handled through PayPal
  and my business, Sageline Publishing. Shipping will be within three business days
  of order beginning October 6.

  Note: All income from purchases of pictures beyond basic expenses goes to the
Good Shepherd building fund. Thank you for supporting the building of our church.

Get your ICCEC 2008 Convocation Proof Photos DVD

  If you have special needs or requests, please email me

CEC Ordination - Maryland 2007  
Bishop Davidson Various shots of the Bishop.
  Deacon David Presser Pictures relating to Deacon Presser (except ordination).
  Ordination to Deacon  Deacon Presser's ordination pictures.
  Ordination to Presbyter  Presbyters McFillin and Murphy's ordination pictures.
  Rev. Jeffery McFillin
  Pictures relating to Presbyter McFillin (except ordination).
  Rev. Terrence Murphy  Pictures relating to Presbyter Murphy (except ordination).
  General Pictures  All other pictures taken during the event.
For the principals involved in the ordination, a personal CD of their pictures is available upon
  request. Please email me with mailing instructions.

January Bishop's Meeting  
Worship and Reception Worship and reception at Good Shepherd.

All photographs 2006-2008 Sageline Photography and William Meisheid

Note: While photography is our business, and a workman is worthy of his efforts, it is also a gift that God has given us. The ordering of prints is not meant to reduce access by those who have limited means. Please contact us and we will be glad to assist you any way we can.


Important: Due to variations in the setup of individual monitors compared to how the photographs were processed for the web, it is possible these pictures may appear darker or with a slight color shift on your screen. However, the story that the photograph tells will always be the same. We stand behind the quality of any prints or specialty item that you may order. If you are not completely satisfied, we will work with you to get a result that exceeds your expectations.


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